Little Big Horn College Library

New 24,000 square foot building consisting of a 13,000 square foot wood framed library and a 2 story 11,000 square foot structural steel archives and administrative building.

The library is one of the most complex wood framed buildings you will find, consisting of 30 log columns and 78 glue-lam beams, which create a compound radius roof line. One of the unique challenges of this building is bringing the two different structures together.

The college has been most pleased with the leadership of Mr. Eskro on the construction site. They have made steady progress despite weather delays in the past year.

David Yarlott, Jr., EdD

Chuck and his crew have been performing an exceptional job! Again, it is such a pleasure to see someone taking such pride in what they do, the organization of their site and the outcome of the final product!! These values seem to be so fare, nowadays, and what chuck is performing on this project is definitely a model for all others to follow!

Gary Grassel, PECTA Architects