MET Transit Center: Billings, MT–LEED Platinum Certified

LEED-PlatinumMET Transit Center in downtown Billings, Montana with CTA Architects, was the first new construction transportation facility to achieve LEED® Platinum in the United States. The project is now a centralized transportation hub in the heart of Billings. It also won the Pacesetter Award for the Most Innovative Capital Project in the Region over the Last 10 Years; 2011; U.S. DOT, Federal Transit Administration Region 8.

The MET Transit Center incorporated the following green design: 4800 SF of vegetative roof assemblies, 4 – 200 foot deep geothermal wells designed to provide heating and cooling for the building and 520 SF of Photovoltaic Panels were installed to produce electricity for the building (Note: excess electricity produced will be back fed through the meter to the utility company). 15% fly ash was used in all the concrete and the building went through an extensive commissioning process to verify optimum performance of the mechanical systems. Over 20% of the materials were manufactured with either post-consumer or pre-consumer recycled materials. Low VOC paints, coatings, insulation, and adhesives were used on the interior of the building to reduce indoor air quality problems. Furthermore 75% of the construction waste was diverted from the landfill, a storm water pollution prevention plan was written and strictly followed, and over 20% of the materials were extracted and manufactured within 500 miles of the site.