Swift Building Lofts: Billing, MT–LEED Platinum Certified

LEED-PlatinumThis historic 1916 structure was formerly a warehouse for Swift & Company Meats.  The renovation retained the original brick and heavy timber frame, but incorporated its character into the 9 units.  Each has a unique design theme. Light fills the urban open living spaces but historical design elements were kept throughout the entire building. This included exposed beams, cooler doors, and old elevator pulleys. This Swift Building received the highest certifications sustainable design with a LEED Platinum award. They were also recognized by the Montana Preservation Alliance with the Excellence in Historic Preservation Award. Additionally, the project received the Best Practices Achievement Award from the Yellowstone Historic Preservation Board.

The Swift Building Lofts incorporated the following green technologies: FSC Certified Lumber was used for the interior wall framing, a rainwater collection system has been installed, Photovoltaic Panels will provide electricity as needed, Solar Hot Water Panels heat up water before it gets to the boiler, Urea formaldehyde free Millwork, drywall was extracted and manufactured within 500 miles of the jobsite, 15% fly ash, is a by- product of coal burning, in the concrete, the roofing is white to help with “Heat Island Effect”, Thermal Bypass inspections and blower door testing will be performed on the building to ensure air tightness and thermal breaks, high efficiency boilers. The building uses 50% less energy than a typical building this size built to code. The Low VOC paints, coatings, insulation, and adhesives were used to create better indoor air quality.