Construction Services in Billings MT


Clear Communication and Collaboration

It all begins with accurate communication and a foundation of integrity. We begin with listening closely to your requirements. Over 40 years of successful projects has proven that open collaboration ensures the client’s vision and expectations will be driving the project. Fisher Construction appreciates and encourages feedback and input. This collaborative approach, led by our focused project managers, is the bedrock that we have built relationships and repeat customers upon.


Fully and Completely Engaged Early in the Process

Many of our greatest successes have begun when we are participants early in the process. We leverage our expertise with early planning, design concepts, estimates, material and labor sourcing, and of course… Value Engineering. This laser-focused team approach with Owners, Architects, and other professionals, leads to the greatest possible outcome at the optimal price.


Sustainability and Resource Efficiency

Whether it is the structure or the process, we always have efficiency at the core of every project. Fisher Construction uses detailed processes that are environmentally responsible, energy saving and resource-efficient throughout a building’s entire lifecycle. This includes material selection and best practices for the project and the surrounding community.


Advantages to a design-build project delivery starts with the simplicity of a unified approach. This single point of responsibility combines design and construction quality, cost, and schedule. Constructability is reviewed by all members and effective value engineering ideas maximize design and functionality while maintaining the budget and schedule challenges. With one contract and an integrated communication, a project has the best running start to be fast-tracked with superior results.

  • Single Contract.
  • The architect and contractor coordinate as a team.
  • Enhanced communication.
  • Design-build team produces a complete set of construction documents.
  • An earlier knowledge of guaranteed costs allows for changes before the entire design is complete.
  • Greater cost and time savings.
  • Each stakeholder on the design-build team is responsible for the risks they are best positioned to handle.


Early in the game, you need preliminary budgeting, scheduling and constructability information. Each project has unique challenges and without this important step, the project’s success is jeopardized. We use the latest technology and draw on our real-world experience in the pre-construction phase.

Site evaluations, project reviews along with budgets, selection of talented design teams, vetting pre-qualified contractors, and early takeoff cost analysis are all critical components to the equation. We also believe that this stage of the process is listening to your vision and, when appropriate, sharing alternative ideas that will improve the outcome.

icon3General Contracting & Construction

This is where the rubber meets the road… and we meet and often exceed expectations. Understanding the construction process is essential to anticipating problems early on and finding the cost-effective sound solutions. Fisher Construction is a team of expert builders, skilled craftsmen and problem solvers at heart. These three qualities affect the management, quality, budgets, schedules and the smallest details. Our executive team and crews understand quality building and quality customer service.

icon6Construction Management

Our top priority when taking on the Construction Management hat is producing a functional and financially viable project. Construction Management (CM) is needed when a top-level coordination of all phases is a must. This includes the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. Fisher Construction has the experience, positive interactions, alliances and trust in the industry required to work directly with each stakeholder. This may include equipment, materials, subcontractors, and possibly locations. Individual contracts and purchase orders are issued to all of the separate trades and suppliers, and we oversee their work throughout the course of construction.

icon5Building Green

Sustainable or “green” building and construction is a commitment to use resources wisely in the building process and the structure itself. In doing so, we leave a lighter footprint on the environment and create a plan for energy conservation. New materials and technology is quickly being added to this important balance between construction and a sustainable environment. To stay ahead of the curve, Project Managers Ben Mitchell and Bryan West are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professionals (LEED AP).

icon7Historic Restorations & Renovations

Historic restorations need a steady hand to bring “like new” and modernize without destroying the proud heritage and historic character. Unlike new construction, there are often hidden challenges. These may include:

  • Deterioration and code concerns
  • Electric/Wiring
  • Plumbing and sewer systems
  • Older heating and cooling
  • Matching surfaces
  • Custom replacement materials

We work with our suppliers to locate or recreate the most hard-to-find materials down to glass, doors, molding and trim. The entire Fisher team takes pride in planning and restoring historic masterpieces and expert renovations.

icon4Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a project delivery approach that integrates people well beyond the usual owner, architect, designer and contractor combination. Early in our process, integrated projects are distinguished by highly effective collaboration with people, technology, systems, business structures and construction practices.

Here at Fisher Construction, we harness the talents and ideas of all the participants to collaborate throughout a project. With insights from everyone, we have found that we can truly end up with better project results, increase value to the owner, shorten schedules and maximize efficiency through all phases of the construction process.